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I have SLE and fibromyalgia which is already in a bad way then I found a lump in my left breast so I went to the doctor to see if she felt the same thing. Since she did she sent me to have a mammogram & ultra sound. She told me don't worry since it was painful it probably was just a cyst. After my imaging the tech told me not to worry they saw nothing, though 10% is missed.

Considering my family history I went back to my family doctor who recommended a breast surgeon. My breast surgeon did her own ultra sound which she said it didn't seem a typical cancer image and decided to do a core needle biopsy. As she was doing that she thought it was just fatty tissue and said don't worry. The pathology report said it was abnormal cells. She then scheduled a incisional biopsy which she took from two locations. The pathology report came back with unclear margins and diagnosis of DCIS. She told me she couldn't save my breast since it was in to many areas & she had found 4 other areas of concern. At that time she couldn't feel any lymph node involvement but 30 days later after my MRI they began to feel enlarged lymph nodes which the report confirmed 4 were involved on both sides and suggest it may have metastatic.

I have been scheduled for a bilateral mastectomy Jan., 2012. I am also scheduled for DIEP reconstruction.

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