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Kimberley Duke

Stage 1 Patient

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Litchfield Park, Arizona
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I was diagnosed with stage 1 grade 3 inflitrating ductal carcinoma breast cancer March 2,2011 at the age of 37. On March 24 I was having my mastectomy with immediate reconstruction done. I was in so much pain after surgery, but I guess when you have never had any type of surgery you don't know what to expect. Unfortunately, right after my surgery my wound would not heal and we waited as long as we could before starting chemo to try and let my wound heal. Well, it continued not to heal and I had my first round of chemo, which knocked me down hard. I ended up in the hospital for severe dehydration and acute kidney failure. I spent the next 5 days recovering from that first round of chemo. Between round 1 and round 2 of chemo my wound finally opened up and the tissue expander was visible and needed to be removed. Surgery number 2 to remove the tissues expander and clean the wound edges. Thankfully this surgery was not as bad as the first one, but he was unable to close the wound and I was left with having to pack the wound and dress it twice a day. Round 2 of chemo was better but I still ended up in the hospital for 3 days to hydrate during memorial day weekend. Round 3 & 4 of chemo were much better, still had the nausea but able to control with the meds. My wound finally healed the end of October 2011, thank goodness but the summer is gone and now unable to enjoy the pool. I ended up using all my short term disability for this year and have to wait till March 2012 to have my next 2 surgeries to completed my reconstruction. I am now on tamoxifen for the next 5 years, and hating the hot flashes and night sweats.

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