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I'm 20 years old. These past couple of weeks I've been experiencing symptoms such as intense pain all over both breasts, soreness in each breast, both armpits, warmth feeling in both breasts, as well as occasional tenderness in breasts. Is this cancer?

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  • Tamara Davidson Profile
    Stage 4 Paciente
    In my 20s I developed those same conditions 1week before starting my period,,,, but go see a dr if u concerned ,, god bless:)
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  • Sharon Danielson Profile
    Survivor since 2007
    Unfortunately, nobody out here knows if this is cancer or not. It is always best to have your doctor check something that isn't normal. This is best to do even for your own peace of mind. Take care, Sharon
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  • Roz Potenza Profile
    Hmmm. I hadn't thought about that but it sounds like pre-period or pregnancy stuff to me too. My breasts used to be so painful I couldn't wear a bra sometimes during my period. I also had cystic breasts so I always felt lumps. This was back in the day when we were kind of taught to ignore them. Now, all you need to do is go to a doctor and have yourself checked out. You are very young. While it's not impossible for you to have BC, it's probably unlikely. Our hormones can be responsible for a lot of strange things. Go see a doc. You'll feel much better and lose a lot less sleep wondering "what if..." Hugs.
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    Stage 1 Patient
    Maybe you're preggers!
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