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How long after mastectomy can you get reconstruction done?

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    I had a tissue expander placed at the same time as my mastectomy, and the slowly filled it starting just three weeks later. I started chemo after the mastectomy, so I have to wait 6-8 weeks after chemo is finished. I am sure each doctor has their own preferences for a timeline.
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    I had a bilateral masectomy in May, got expandersat that time, but won't get implants until Feb. I had massive amounts of sernoma fluid for 10 weeks--600 to 700 ml. For 10 weeks. Then I got an infection that required IV meds 7 weeks. One expander came loose and had to be redone in August. I am finally healing and look good.
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  • Mary Chase Profile
    I had bilateral mastectomies in mid April and I have my first appointment with a plastic surgeon on Aug. 24. My surgeon did not recommend immediate reconstruction as he thought I should have it done after my treatment. You can get reconstruction done almost any time. You can wait if you want to. Best wishes to you!
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    A lot of variables. Biggest is other treatments, if you need chemo or radiation, need to wait until it's all over.
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    They said I could have mine done the same time so only one surgery . They also that because I have ddd "s not for long but I guess it saves Medicare money because they can use all the health skin
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