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What does “color flow imaging demonstrates that there is increased vascularity” mean? Also said Bi-RADS 4/5 biopsy Code mammogram bi-RADS 0 indeterminate. I though you could only get 1 but-RADS score. Not 3. I’m confused. 1 cm mass in right nipple.

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    Please talk to your doctor about this - let him/her explain what is going on and what your options are.
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    Color flow imaging is where the color doppler (sound wave) is applied during the ultrasound portion, with increased vascularity of the area in question. The mammogram was given a birads 0,indeterminate, Incomplete needs additional imaging, more than likely because your mammogram needed additional imaging (Ultrasound), therefore was read as a separate exam. The ultrasound portion was given the birads 4/5 as a final result code. Your PCP (Doctor) should send you to a surgeon, please be sure and go see one soon. The birads codes are as follows: Birads 0- Incomplete needs additional imaging Birads 1-Negative Birads 2-Benign Birads 3-Probably benign(usually 6 mos follow up) Birads 4-Suspicious ( A,or B,or C ) Birads 5-Highly suggestive of malignancy Birads 6-Biopsy proven malignancy I have had several biopsies and breast cancer twice. I am very familiar with the mammography birads assessment not an expert but I do understand it fully.
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