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My sister was diagnosed with Stage 2 triple negative breast cancer. We live in different states at the moment, but what can I do to help and support her through her treatments?

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    I would recommend sending lots of cards. A friend of mine gave me a small gift after every procedure. This was something nice to look forward to each time. Call her often, listen to her fears and worries. It is a rough road but she will remember the sweet touches.
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    Tell her not to google triple negative. The info is outdated and scared me!!! I'm through 2/3 of my treatment and the little triple negative jerk is gone, chemo works well with it! Send her cards each week or more often and write personal messages that you love her, youre thinking of her, etc. also, little gifts help--like send her something each week or every 2 weeks or something. Comedy books (Tina fey's bossypants was funny, also the S*%! My dad says helped me when I couldn't sleep. Assuming she's having chemo, send her a few scarves and/or hats. Maybe a thin hat for sleeping. Gossip, jokes, all that helps too. Don't make every correspondence about cancer bc she wants to feel normal too. See if you can help set up a meal calendar among her friends/neighbors/colleagues. Cooked meals made a difference when I was too run down after chemo to cook. Best wishes
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      Totally agree!!

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    Thank you ladies! My sister is having chemo to, so I will defiantly get some books :) if you happen to think of anything else please let me know! And good luck to both of you in your fight against your cancer!
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    After chemo and surgery people stop send cards and think that everyone kind of leaves you but now she facing I have found just as hard dealing with ding done with treatments and surgery. A lost of fear takes hold of you will I ever be myself again, will cancer come back. Please stay positive for her and know she might need you help more after then during treatment
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