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How do you tell your doctor you're getting a second opinion without hurting their feelings?

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    Don't hesitate getting a second opinion. Doctors expect patients to seek a second opinion. Some doctors will offer to set up your second opinion for you. I just got done with treatment and sought a second opinion but ended up going back to my oncologist. Do not worry about hurting the doctor, they understand. You will have total peace of mind when you have sought out all possibilities for treatment.
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    Don't worry about hurting your doctors feelings. My surgeon suggested I go get a second opinion at a bigger hospital and helped me set up the appointment. For me, the second opinion gave me peace of mind that I was doing the right course of treatment. They said exactly the same thing and reassured me that although they would love to have me with them, the hospital closer to home was a great choice as well. It's never a bad idea to get a second opinion!
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